Probability and Possibility

072220 03

Probability and possibility, the two essential energies needed to experience reality. Spending the night under the stars will bring back this remembrance. Looking at stars and the “space in between” them, and realizing the “Omni-vision” of sentience is a sort of 360degree by 360degree sphere of knowing. The contrast of light on dark is stark, yet as the Milky Way demonstrates, that very darkness can actually be a sort of densely compressed collection of light, within what our human eyes perceive to be an “absence” or void.

Listening to an Alan Watts talk recently, I was struck by the concept that if One attempts to imagine a reality where you go to sleep and never wake up, it is impossible. We may simply have the privilege of touching into the void for a moment, between the cycles, times, lives....the energies of Vishnu and Lakshmi may abide within that oceanic void, but we simply may touch it, and reset our finite mind to the next steps. So a deep dive into light of knowing, re-membering, of any knowledge needed to navigate within the current diaspora of forgotten ways and alienation to native culture. Even if some semantics are lost, there is a pure place of knowing that light again, that can be found passing through the dark matter between the Omni-vision.

Even the patterns in certain Amazonian embroidery and artistic patterns express this concept well. A “Line” of the design is never truncated, but curves or T’s into the “next step” of experience. My embroidery teacher explained it: “No consciousness ever actually ‘ends’, but takes the next step. That is all.” So what illusion causes a terror of death? This inevitable graduation into the void?

072220 02

If it’s true that each second of presence may afford us with more possibilities than stars in the night sky, then probability must be the ultimate function of Editor os to what may indeed be experienced. The wisdom of the ages, contained in a baby’s eyes. Some call it source. Each of us with our brilliant inner piece of source light, from the heart, beautifully encased in the miracle of the physical body, deciding the probabilities we will experience.

With this gift of “New Wisdom”, comet Neowise reminds us to welcome the new wisdom available through our children. Because of current events, humans have slowed to a point of paying attention, observing again as a collective these mirrors in the sky. I hope you take the time to commune as often as possible with these Beings all around us, throughout all aspects of Nature, and in the night sky. I hope your current experience is proving to be full of focused purpose, for the good of all life, and your actions directly aligned with beautiful possibilities of creating a vibrant and whole reality.

(Photo credits: @ellenbascom , Colombia River Gorge, Or, USA | Cover photo: AmarnathMukta)