From White Raven Creations Studio

So much space. I feel it all around. As the wheels of the psyche of the world slow and soften, I find myself frequently, with soil in the hands, new life springing from freshly prepared planter cups, expansive sunsets which find me in spite of my happy “cave-dweller” personae through my studio window, my little view of the paradise in which we live here. Although much physical distance is now being felt by humans, we are truly remembering to connect with intention and caring, checking in on those we love and cherish, finding the precious time to reconnect with Spirit...our spirits, and find that sweet, sweet space within. I find myself reflecting, resting and reading a lot of story! There is so much story to be found. There is so much infinite dedicated patience within the solar center of being, that holds story in its brief yet considerate gaze, for just the perfect timespan to dismiss and dismantle whatever state of fixed being had become actualized delusion. Remember the 5th agreement?

Raven Diaz selfie in front of surfboard

Mi abuelo, my grandpa, told me, “Mi hija, life is change. The sooner you learn to accept change, the happier you will be.” Times are a changin’. So much light all around. Synchronicity is the daily experience. New Earth has been birthed, and we with it. With grief as high expression of love, we feel the losses, and mourn, so many creatures, beings, loved ones who have transitioned. We miss them. We honor them, with our breath, each breath an acceptance of life, each exhalation a letting go, each pause an acceptance. We eat their favorite foods, and laugh with the remembrance of cherished physical pleasures, and how we hang on. We nourish the earth of our bodies as we would like to see our Great Mother Planet nourished. We choose new life. We choose liberation. We choose to embody the wisdom and beauty lineage. We rise together. We remember with ease how to fly through the space of “not knowing”, because so many flight hours have been spent, after all those “rugs got pulled out”, and challenges we have known so intimately, this current challenge, is but a moment in passing, and contained within the great gift of appreciation. We appreciate life, through water. We know the preciousness of water. We protect our waters, and our Elders. We pray as we wash, wash, wash our hands, houses, hearts with water. We swim in the rain, and dance on the waves, sing to the rivers, and run with the salmon. With dignity we hold our heads high, with gratitude we open the doors, and with compassion we practice presence.

Hopefulness for what has been planted, and all these sprouts poking up out of the ground fills me with courage. Perseverance is the practice. We will forever be knocking on wisdom’s gate, seeking new growth, and aiming for the stars. Cherish the breath, cherish the knowing. Enjoy the spaciousness, Bright Stars, for it is for you to shine the web of interconnectedness into being.

Thank-you for your search, and for walking your path, for allowing the witness, for singing the songs. I hope we keep singing through all of this, and reweave the collective story through prayer chants. Lift up those beautiful whale sirens and let them ring to cosmic distance. We weave the web. Collectively we hold the solutions. I know this, as do you. Be that solution right now for yourself first, then for all that is external. We are here to cooperate with you, in physical distance, and social solidarity.

Please join us in co-weaving in the virtual space! come have a “creative play-date” and bring whatever creative process is coming into form through you - music, visual art, writing, ideating the new earth, teatime, talk story, whatever is bringing you joy! You can copy/paste this link to join us, Fridays and Sundays, 8 AM HST/11 AM PST/ 2 PM EST